The Perfect Makoti

Published December 5th, 2016

The story is set in the heart of Johannesburg. A man (Vusumuzi) in his 30s is stuck in a routine, loveless relationship with his fiancé (Slindile) of two years. Vusumuzi is pressed by his father (Hector) to marry his fiancé in order to continue with the family name and the legacy. He threatens not to make his son the CEO of the family business if he does not marry Slindile.

With the pressure that Vusumuzi is getting from his father he makes the business decision to marry his fiancé. Vusumuzi is very depressed and unhappy about his decision to get married. On the other hand Slindile is so excited that finally she will be marrying the man of her dreams.

Slindile informs Vusumuzi of the food tasting session that will be taking place at their home with the famous wedding caterer. Vusumuzi arrives late to the tasting session and catches his fiancé and the wedding caterer (Benny) in a compromising position. Vusumuzi suspects that something may be going on between Slindile and Benny; he keeps a close eye on them. As time goes on there’s a budding bromance that forms between the two men, which quickly escalates to their first kiss. As much as Vusumuzi tries to deny his feelings for Benny; he can’t, he’s in love with him.

Benny introduces Vusumuzi to the exciting world of art and food. As he falls for Benny his fiancé announces that she is pregnant. Vusumuzi’s world turns to grey. However his love affair with Benny is too strong to let go. At the escalation of the story, Slindile discovers that her fiancé is in love with another man. She confronts Benny and during the confrontation Slindile mistakenly pushes Benny out of anger and he tragically dies.

Vusumuzi is devastated and heartbroken that his male lover is no more. He attempts to call the police. Slindile convinces him otherwise. Slindile lays it down that Vusumuzi’s father would see him as a disappointment and disown him. Also that Slindile is pregnant with their child and that she can’t raise their child in prison. Slindile suggests that they bury Benny. Vusumuzi sees this as a crazy idea however he does not have much choice given what is at stake. The couple manage to bury Benny in the early morning of their wedding day. They get married. A year later their baby is born and they live a perfect horrible and miserable life together with regrets and guilt.

You can watch The Perfect Makoti on 10 December at 19:30 on Mzansi Magic channel 161.