Romeo & Romeo

Published February 8th, 2018

In Tembisa a community torn by gang rivalry. Themba a timid young man, is crumbling under pressure. His older brother, Raza, the ruthless leader of The Vuma Gang, wants him initiated formally into the gang. In the depths of hopelessness, he meets an artistic stranger, Sizwe. They fall in love. Themba is pressured into killing a member form the enemy gang. He tries to prolong the order.

After witnessing Raza’s brutality, a fearful Themba knows he can’t avoid the initiation ritual, he agrees to go and kill his mark. Devastated, Themba discovers that his new mark is Sizwe, who is not only his lover but the younger brother of the rival gang leader, Khaya.

After taking credit for the accidental murder of Skhumba, Khaya’s right hand man, Themba believes he is finally free. The two lovers plan to run away together. A series of miscommunications leads to Themba falsely believing that Sizwe has been killed by his brother’s gang. He finally finds the courage to stand up to Raza, which ultimately leads to his freedom, but not without tragedy.